Monday, February 23, 2009

Pictures of our Trip in Miami

1- Chris & Marie's boat, Spirit undersail on our ocean voyage
2-Holocaust Memorial in Miami
3-Cape Florida Lighthouse on No Name Harbor where we anchored one night-Nelson, Chris and Marie went up to the top but my legs asked me not to do it
4-This picture is what you see all around Miami, buildings everywhere and very tall
5-This snake man was everywhere we went-always on the streets and at the beach trying to get people to hold the snake or scaring someone with his snake-no, we did not hold it
6-On Lincoln Street, there is shops and outside cafes up and down the street-no through traffic and people everywhere-a nice place to visit and eat
7-Venetian Causeway-where we were anchored while in Miami-this little bridge was only for dinghy entry-we went to the grocery store under it and to enter the Collins canal which lead out toward the ocean-we traveled through here daily
Being on boat we have decided is the best way to see Miami-11days is too long to stay there-we were glad to move on to another area
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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