Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday, MARCH 5, 2009

We did not leave Marathon as we had planned. The northeast winds were 20 knots for the last two days and we were advised to stay here until they came from the east. We are hoping to leave at 7:00 in the morning if the winds and weather don't change from what they are forecasting. We had paid for the mooring through Friday so we are already paid up anyway. Now, we are not going to lose any money. We like it here and don't mind staying until we can get the correct weather window.

We went to the Marina yesterday afternoon for the meet & greet session. We carried a hamburger helper dinner to share with others and we enjoyed getting to enjoy their cooking and also meet new people whom we had not met on our last pot luck dinner. There is always a lot of new people coming and going around here. We got invited to a desert tonight with another boat at 7:00. I think she said strawberry short cake. They did not make it to the dinner and had to get some help in eating the desert she had mad to carry. Sounds delicious. We just met them last night through some other friends who we will be traveling with tomorrow to the West side of Florida. Nice people! Hope the next thing I post will be from Cape Coral on the west coast at Ike and Babs house. We are looking forward to seeing them land their family.

Nelson & Ondra

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