Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morehead City/Swansboro/Jordan Creek April 29 - May 6

On Wednesday, Susan brought Jackson over to the docks to stay with us until Will came after work to pick us up and take us to Swansboro where we stayed until Sunday night.
Yes, we slept in a king size bed and took real showers for the first time in quite a while.
We do shower on the boat but it has to be quick and the only way the water runs is if you are pushing a button. “Happy Birthday”, Jackson! We woke Jackson on Thursday morning by singing Happy Birthday to him. He sat up in the bed with a big smile on his face. I cannot believe he is now six years old. Nelson and I went with Stacey to take him to school. Afterwards, Stacey and I took Nelson to the boat and we went shopping for items for Jackson’s birthday. We bought cupcakes for Jackson’s class and carried them for lunch. Jackson was so excited to see us all there to have lunch with him. His teacher had made him a birthday crown and the entire lunchroom sing the birthday song to him. We then checked him out for the remainder of the day and we went to the boat where Jackson caught a small fish and we played games until Will returned from work. We had a birthday celebration there at the boat and Jackson opened his gifts and we all ate an alligator cake. It was mostly icing. We had a fun day. On Friday, Nelson and I borrowed Will’s Car and drove beyond Santee Cooper to meet Loretta and Mac who had driven our car to meet us on their way to Greenville, SC to see their family. We were so thankful that they drove our car so we did not have to drive all the way to Florida to get it. We got back to Will’s around dinner time. We went to the Red Barn for a seafood dinner. Stacey met us there after work. On Saturday morning, we went to see Jackson’s soccer game at his school. After going by the boat, we all met Will and Stacey’s friends Sammy and Lois for late afternoon lunch at Ruddy Ducks on the waterfront in Morehead City. We ate there several times while our boat was in Morehead. They had a good shrimp sandwich which Nelson can’t get enough. I enjoyed a flounder Reuben. We played many games of Uno Attack with Jackson. On Sunday, Nelson borrowed Will’s car again and he and I drove to Jordan Creek to take our car so we would have it when we got there on our boat the following week. It took us about three hours to drive there and back. I spent the remainder of the day, playing with Jackson outside as it was a beautiful day to be outside. Nelson and I kept Jackson Sunday and Stacey and Will went out for a dinner with just the two of them. When they returned, I had already explained to Jackson that we would be going back to the boat that night so we could leave Morehead the following morning and head back to Jordan Creek. On Monday morning after taking Jackson to school, Will came by the boat to help us get the boat out of the slip. The wind was blowing twenty plus knots and the currents were pushing us against the docks. We had Will and four other men trying to get us away from the dock but we were all unsuccessful. The winds and current were stronger than we could handle. We bent the cooking grill on the rail of the boat and broke out the green running light. The bow rail is a little bit out of line but not bad. We decided to stay until the currents and winds changed. We did not want to do further damage to the boat. Susan brought Jackson by the boat after school and Will came to pick him up after work. When he got there, the winds were not blowing as bad and the current had changed. Will said that he thought he could help us get out of the slip now and he did. We departed Morehead about 5:00 that afternoon and headed north to Oriental. We stopped at Cedar Creek and anchored for the night. Tuesday morning, we pulled the anchor and headed across the Neuse River with six sailboats in front of us and four sailboats behind us. We got almost across when the light rains started. The river was very calm and we were inside the ICW and out of the rain for about an hour. When we entered the Pamlico River, we had heavy rains, winds, thunder and lightning. Nelson said the river was the roughest he had ever seen it. We had rains for the remainder of our trip. When we got to Jordan Creek, it was still raining so we just went bow first into our slip. What a day on the water! We were excited to be at the end of our trip. We started getting things packed and ready to pack the car for our trip to Rocky Mount. We had a break in the rain so we loaded the things we had ready in the car sand finished packing the car this morning. Today, Wednesday, May 6 we put the last touches on the boat and loaded the remainder of the bags and drove away from the docks around 11:45. We stopped at Hardees for a LittleThickburger and returned to Rocky Mount at 1:30 today. Our first stop was at Keith and Jane Abbotts to fetch our mail and then on to 3402 Brookview Drive. Home again, Home again, jiggidy jig! We had a wonderful trip and we enjoyed sharing it with you through our blog. Last Boat will be resting for the next few weeks while we get caught up on visiting with friends and families.

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