Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, Jan.11 - Fri., Jan.14

Tuesday morning, Nelson and I walked around the city of Ft. Myers Beach and visited many shops and points of interest. Yes, we did spend a little money on things for Ondra. I needed shorts for when the weather starts to warm up. Tuesday night, we met many other sail boaters at the Pizza place close to the docks to get acquainted. We had the biggest slice of pizza that I have ever eaten and good also. We met many other people who were headed to the Keys or to the Bahamas. The weather took a dive and turned very cold that night. We had to get out the down comforter to keep us warm enough. We had to get the heavy clothes out again and dress like winter again. Thursday, our friends, Randy and Kathy were going over to the Recreation Center to play Pickle Ball so we decided to walk there to watch them play as we had never heard of it before. It is like tennis but you use a plastic ball with holes and a rectangular solid racket. After watching them for an hour, we decided to walk back to the main street and get a hamburger for lunch. We ate at a cafe right beside the beach and it was very good, but, we had to fight the birds for our lunch. One flew down and got a fry out of Nelson's hand twice. We later decided to take a walk on the beach. We walked west until we came to the inlet and had to find a trail back out to the road. Yes, we walked so far our legs were sore the next day. Friday, around 9:00, we disconnected our boat from the mooring ball and left with our friends, Randy and Kathy sailing to Gordon Pass. We did not make it there as the water was so shallow that Randy ran aground and we had turn around find deeper water. We finally sailed on to Marco Island where we are anchored for the night. We plan to go further to Shark River tomorrow which is in the gulf also and head further to the Keys. Our hope is to be in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL by Sunday. The weather got warmer this afternoon and tonight is at least 50 degrees. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70s and continue to be warm for the remainder of next week. Thank goodness!

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