Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sat., February 19, 2011

Last Boat departed Marathon Boot Key Harbor on Monday, Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day) and sailed to Little Shark River along with two other sail boats.(Hardheaded Woman & Skye) We had a beautiful day and the weather was sunny with winds blowing at times 15 plus knots. Great day for lots of sailing! We departed around 7:00am and arrived around 5:30 in the afternoon. After getting our anchor planted, we settled in for a snack and a drink with our friend, Brian on Hardheaded Woman. He stayed and ate pork loin and vegetables with us. We pulled anchor Tuesday around 7:00am and headed over to Marco Island. We traveled over 50 miles both days. The winds were less today and we did some sailing but not as much as to Little Shark River. We anchored around 6:30 and were so tired, we had an early dinner and went to bed early. Marco Island has beautiful white sandy beaches and I hope we go there again someday and stay so we get a chance to visit the Island and enjoy their beaches. Wednesday, we pulled anchor around 7am and headed over to Cape Coral, FL where Nelson's brother Ike lives and where we are leaving the boat until June. We have missed our friends in Boot Key Harbor and hope to see them again. Tomorrow we will drive our car back to Jacksonville and spend two or three days visiting friends and Nelson's sister, Loretta. Our plans are to be in NC sometime late Wednesday. Ondra is going to keep Mya, our little granddaughter who was born in Dec. while her mother, Lindsey, completes teaching Spanish in High School this school year. We plan to drive back to Cape Coral in June and bring our sailboat back to NC. Nelson will be playing golf and visiting Wilmington and Morehead during three next three months. We are looking forward to seeing family and friends when we return to NC next week. We have had a wonderful trip here in Florida and are looking forward to coming back again next year.

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