Friday, February 3, 2012

We are on a Mooring!!!!

We got our call on Tuesday, January 30 that we could connect to mooring ball number U-2. We were so excited! Our friend, Robert, on SuzyQ came over and helped us getr up both anchors and rode with us over to our mooring as the winds were still blowing like crazy. We were glad to have his helpand made it there safely without any problems. We went to the beach later that afternoon. Even though the winds continue to blow, we are still having great sunny weather. On Wednesday, our two other boat friends got moorings also. We went over to help Robert since he was nice to help us the day before. We had all planned to go to the Fisheries Fish Market for dinner when we all were on moorings to celebrate being off the anchorage. What a delicious seafood dinner. Nelson had stone crab claws and I had Mahi finger basket. Both were excellent! After getting back to the marina, Nelson and I decided it was a good time to do laundry. So, we came back to the boat and gathered three pillow cases to do. We had three machines going and finally finished and were back on the boat by 10:30. Glad to have that chore done. Thursday, we went to the beach with three other couples and two dogs. One of the dogs, a white lab named, Sidney, was chasing and swimming her toy through the water and fell in the water and cut a place on her cheek and also hurt her back leg. They are taking her to the vet Mon. to make sure she did not damage any bones. She loves to swim in the water and Abby, the boykin spaniel has learned to swim and fetch this week also. Nelson and I have enjoyed watching them both. Life is good here in Boot Key as we do something fun everyday and continue to meet new friends daily who enjoy being here as we do and also like being on the water on a boat of some kind. There are more than three hundred boats here either moored or anchored. Today, we had friends over for a good ole Smith's country sausage breakfast. Later, we went to a restaurant to celebrate Captain Jack's 90th birthday who has lived here in the harbor for over 30 years on his 29 ft. sailboat. He really doesn't look that old.We met him the first time we were here four years ago. After lunch, we walked to Publix and bought groceries as we were out of several items. We and another couple paid for a cab back to the Marina so we did not have to drag all the grocies back as it is a good mile or more there and we had walked enough for the day. Nelson and I stayed on our boat tonight and enjoyed doing nothing but being lazy. In fact, he is outside on the deck sound asleep now. Should I wake him up, or just let him sleep outside tonight???? Hope to start downloading some pictures tomorrow. Take care and let us hear from you!

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rockfish said...

Glad to see that you are having a good time. Got a new 50" Plasma TV this week for the big game sun. We have has some warm days lately but is in the 50"s today and will get some rain showers today. going to see Grace play bb today. Brookview is fine,