Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last boat, Spirit, & Autumn Bourne connected to mooring ball in Vero Beach. We stayed in Vero from Thursday through Monday. We did laundry, bought groceries, went to Walmart for supplies and also West Marine. They have city buses which picked us up at the marina, on the hour wherever we needed to go. We used the bus a lot. Autumn Bourne has a yellow lab, just like our Chase. We have enjoyed getting to know Sydney. We have missed Chase who by the way, has gone to live with his best friend, Jackson . We are in our favorite eating place with our boating friends at River Cafe. We love their shrimp sandwiches. We take our dinghies there and it is not far from our anchorage.
Hello to all!

We are so excited. We have finally found some beautiful weather. We are at Vero Beach, FL. We arrived here Thursday afternoon in the cold weather still. But, each day here has gotten warmer. At 4:00, it is 78 degrees and we are in short sleeve shirts for the first time in quite a while. Nelson even wore his shorts when we walked to the beach today. There were lots of people on the beach and even some were swimming. No, the water was not warm.
My last post was at Cocoa Beach. Since then, we spent Wednesday night in Melbourne. After anchoring, we took the dinghy over to some very high docks which were not fun to climb and walked down Main St. and checked our the historic part of downtown. We stopped in one little shop for some delicious ice-cream even though it was still cold weather. It as a nice walk but we were not that impressed with the area.
The next morning we left and motored to Vero Beach. As we were leaving, another sailboat was coming up the ICW headed south. We noticed that they were waving like they might know us. Well, they did recognize our boat name from St. Marys. After checking our boat cards, we found their names and gave them a call on the radio. They were also going to Vero and decided to join up with Last Boat and Spirit to continue our 30 mile journey. We all arrived here in Vero mooring field around 2:30. The trip was a pleasant one as the weather was warmer, less wind and beautiful houses on the ICW and lots of islands with birds and manatees and many dolphins in the water.
Today is Sunday, and we are still here. We have loved this area. We are tied on one mooring ball but there are three of us boats together. We are tied to the middle boat, called Autumn Bourne. It feels like we are at a dock as we have had no movement since we have been here. It is great and we all three couples get along and enjoy each others company. We all are planning to leave tomorrow morning after breakfast.

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