Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21,2009

Hello Everyone,
I have been under the weather and have not felt like getting on the computer. I finally went to the doctor yesterday to make sure I was not getting pneumonia and found out that I am just having asthma and needed a different kind of medicine than I was taking. Thanks to the doctor, I am feeling much better today. It is scary when you are having trouble breathing and aren’t sure whether you will continue to breathe or not. I asked her why I was all of a sudden having this at the age of 62. Her answer was…”for living on this earth for 62 years.” Really, they don’t know. Could be that I am allergic to something or contacted some germ, or inherited it. We arrived this windy, cold afternoon into Cocoa Beach, FL. We are anchored just off the ICW across from a Marina and looks like the downtown area. We are just here for the night. We motored down the ICW on Saturday to New Symarna Beach. We did see the rocket that they shot up that night. We saw the burning pieces fall through space. That was exciting.
We spent Sun. and Mon. nights in Titusville, FL. I put a damper on our excursions and we only went to the Medical Center there. We were not close to any of the Space Center and would have had to take a bus to visit.
Thanks to Keith Abbott, our neighbor, we got to see our house on Brookview in the snow this morning. It was really pretty. We are having very heavy winds and cold weather today and also tomorrow. I guess the winds are blowing the cold air from up north down to us. We are still waiting for Florida’s warm weather. When does it start? We can’t wait to put these winter clothes away.
Cocoa Beach was cold and windy. Nelson, Crris, & Marie motored into the city docks and walked around the town area after we anchored. They were not too impressed.
We pulled the anchor about 9:45 this morning and motored again in the freezing cold and have just arrived at Melborne, FL. It is just as cold here and the wind is still blowing. Hopefully we will have warmer weather tomorrow when we get to Vero Beach.
Nelson & Ondra


jackieward said...

Hi Ondra, I am glad you went to the doctor and hopefully the new medicine will have you back to 100% soon. When you find the warm weather, how about sending it our way!!!

Scott said...

Hello Ondra,
Glad you got some medicine that is helping you; yes, it is very scary when you're having trouble breathing. I am still using my inhaler periodically and it seems to help me somewhat. Sorry it is cold there, here also. The snow was very pretty, but now it's messy, the sun has been shining today and it is melting, but it's going to be in the 20's tonight so it will refreeze. I came to work today; didn't have any truoble although the residential streets are covered in ice. I'm like you, I am ready for warm temperatures. We are keeping Max Sat.; will stay overnight, we love being with him, and of course seeing Matthew & Amy also. Take care. Feel better.

Gray Marrow said...

Finally figured out how to write to you. Hope you are feeling better. Warmer weather will sure help us all and hopefully soon. Can't wait for you to see little Jack. I know everyone says their grandchild is the cutest, etc., but he really is the sweetest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I try hard not to show up at their door step too often. Be safe and warm and feel better.