Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is the only picture that my computer would let me download tonight. Next time I will try it again. This picture is a bascule bridge which we have to get permission to go through and wait for the next opening which is usually on the hour or half hour.

We have spent a lot of time waiting for these places to let us through for the past two days. Florida has more bridges than any other place we have been. Thank goodness, lots of lthem are fixed and we can just go right on through. We even have waited for some swing bridges but there are not as many of them here.

We left Vero Beach on Monday afternoon around 1:00 and headed down South again. We really did enjoy our stay at Vero Beach Marina and will definitely stop there on our return trip back to North Carolina in June. We anchored to the left of the Ft. Pierce bridge in front of several condos. We had a delicious shrimp & pasta dinner with Chris & Marie on Spirit and when Dean & Susan arrived, they too joined us. The weather was beautiful, but windy. We left there the following morning headed south and pulled in to anchor at Hobe Sound off the Indian River. It was another beautiful but very windy day and the ICW was not wide enough for sailing so we motored all the way. We invited Chris & Marie to our boat for a dinner of roast beef and potatoes(Nelson's favorite food). We pulled anchor Wednesday morning headed south again but the winds were not as bad and weather was warmer. We made it today to Palm Beach. What a city! I never saw so many tall condos and beautiful very large houses all along the waterway. These people must have lots of money here. Once we anchored, we took our dinghy over to the land and walked several miles into the beach area but never saw the beach. All the homes we very large and had tall fences which kept us from seeing the ocean or their houses. We got tired of walking and then came back to Chris & Marie's boat for a fish dinner. Delicious! Talapia!

We are anchored just beyond the Southern Blvd bridge. Tomorrow, we are going to stay here, walk across the bridge and catch a bus to see the town of Palm Beach. We are planning to leave here on Friday. It's getting late and I am getting sleepy. Take care and we hope to see everyone soon.

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