Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can you believe we saw a ferry carrying only a truck pulling a camper crossing the waterway.

We have waited many times for the bridge tender to open the bridges. Sometimes we were lucky and were right on time.

Ondra has found a new seat. Our cooler gives her a better view of the water.

We were greeted by our friend, Lynn Perry, who works at SeaPath Marina in Wrightsville Beach.

We had many VHF conversations with fellow cruisers on the water.



Jean said...

I am glad you are bloging your trip again. I really enjoyed it the last time. Have fun and enjoy it all. If you come up the FL west coast give me a call in Tampa area. I'll give you my number.

Scott & Janice said...

Sounds like you are making good time and I am glad the weather has gotten warmer. We're at the beach fishing. Caught a few yesterday, but small; it was really nice on the beach. Take care, be safe, have fun. Janice & Scott

MJ said...

The baby bird has returned to the mother ship. (See how I used "code" and mixed my metaphors too!) No problems, you missed a great SecSat, and we missed seeing you there. Have a great time cruising.