Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cape Coral Florida

Hooray! We arrived at Ike & Babs canal on Sunday morning around 12:00 and are now docked right behind their house. We plan to be here for Thanksgiving and part of next week. Nelson is working on finding out the damage to our forward sail stay so we can get it repaired. We are planning to leave here next week on a rental car and return to NC to visit with family and friends and also enjoy the Christmas Holidays with them. Nelson went up the mast this morning to check out the damage and thinks it is not as bad as he expected. He had his nephew, Eric and one of Ike's friends hoist him up the mast. They had the hard work, but Nelson was exhausted also when he came down much later. Not a good thing to do when you are 65 years old!
We are enjoying our visit with Ike and Babs and also Eric and Diane. The weather here is beautiful and we have been in shorts everyday thus far. I will probably not be writing on the glob until we come back after the New Year New and continue our trip by boat. Hope each and everyone of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy being with friends and family. We are thankful for sharing this holiday with Nelson's brother and his family here in Florida.

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rockfish said...

glad that youall made it to Fl. Enjoy the good weather because it has been freezing here this weekend. tonya spent Thanksgiving with us at Lake Gaston. See youall when you get to RMT.

Keith a