Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

We motored away from SeaPath Marina on Friday, Nov.5th. Thank goodness, the rain had gone and we motor sailed along the ICW with 12 other mostly sailboats. It was a very cool morning and we were fully layered with lots of clothing to keep us warm. We have three new pieces of convas made since our last trip south and they are really helping keep out the cold wind on either side and we have the back also enclosed. Nice additions and we are much warmer. After riding the ICW all day, we anchored at 4:30 in Calabash Creek for the night. There were 12 other sailboats there with us. A nice stopping off place! No, we did not go in for seafood, we ate a good dinner on our boat and stayed warm.

On Saturday at 7:45 am we pulled anchor and motor sailed south in the 40 degree weather with other boats. We traveled 73 miles on the ICW anchoring in Mimin Creek in SC. We were very tired after a Long, cold day on the water.

On Sunday at 6:45(time chg) we pulled anchor and motored down south again in the freezing cold weather. At 11:15, we lost power in a narrow passage and had to throw the anchor over to keep us from drifting in the shallows. Nelson had to change two fuel filters and after 30 minutes we cranked the engine and headed on our journey south. It was so cold. We motored through Charleston, SC and then through Elliotts Cut. We anchored just after the cut in the open waters to the right of the ICW. No one but us were there but it was a great place to anchor. We were surrounded by houses, streets, and lights. We lite Mr. Heater to keep us warm until we went to bed. We slept under our down comforter which we have every night thus far and stayed very warm. This was our coldest day and night. Looking forward to warmer days ahead.


The Last Boat said...

Sorry for all the same comments, I could not find a way to delete them. I will try to do better. I had pictures downloaded but could not find them. Guess I will try to downlooad them again.

MJ said...

Gee, and I thought it was just your way of showing how much we mean to ya! lol!