Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moving South by Last Boat

We are moving on the water again, Monday, November 8. We pulled anchor this am about 6:45 and follow another sailboat all day and into the Beaufort River. We started experiencing the same engine problem that we had on Sun. but this time, it continued and we had to slowdown; therefore, we missed the 4:00 bridge into Beaufort. We moved slowly into a Marine right before the bridge where we spent the night. Nelson changed the fuel filters again and cleaned the air filter. We had less than a quarter of fuel in the tank so he pulled enough out of the tank to check for dirty fuel. It looked good so we left the Marina around 10:45am in order to made the 11am bridge opening and went straight to the fuel docks and filled our tank as well as filling both water tanks. We had a wonderful trip this afternoon and are now here just before Savannah anchoring in the Wright River anchorage. It is a very quiet and peaceful small body of water for anchoring. We are the only boat here so it is a little eerie.

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Bob and Sue Dawson (Skipperbobbyd) said...

Hope your problems with the engine are behind you. I too don't like anchoring in the pitch dark with no one around, errie for sure.