Saturday, November 12, 2011

From Cumberland Isloand, GA to St. Augustine, FL

Thursday, November 10, we departed our anchorage and headed over to Cumberland Island, GA. We got there around 2:30 and the winds were beginning to blow hard bringing in the dreaded colder weather. Robert and Susan came over with their dog, Abbey, picked me up and we went for a long walk through Cumberland Island. Wow! What a beautiful place. There are trails for walking and the Island is covered with very old large oaks covered in Spanish moss and the ground is covered with small palms. We saw many wild horses, wild turkeys and a deer. We came to a large frame of a mansion which had been destroyed by fire. It was a fine place in its time.
Later that night, we had a delicious steak /salad dinner with our friends; Robert & Susan on Last Boat .They make some delicious scalloped potatoes and more key lime pie. We enjoyed having them over for dinner together!
Friday morning, the weather had turned very cold and we chose not to leave our anchorage until 10:00. We were only going to Amelia Island Marina where we chose to get a boat slip and have electricity so we could use our heater. What a nice place to stop! We enjoyed getting here by 12:00 and had the remainder of the afternoon to rest and take a break from the cold and windy weather. We called a cab and went to the Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie for needed supplies and groceries. Later, we took a cab to a nice restaurant, here on Amelia Island, called Sliders Grill. We had a delicious cup of seafood chowder and also a crab cake.
We want to thank all the veterans for their services to help our country have the freedom that we enjoy here in the USA. We wish them all a Happy Veterans Day!
Tomorrow, we plan to travel 60 miles to St. Augustine, FL where we will stay two days. Hope the weather will get warmer and the wind will not blow as strong as it has for the past two days.

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