Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov.22-25 Last Boat Journeys

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 we pulled the anchor at 6:45 in Pumpkin Key and headed south continuing our trip through the Florida ICW. We had had enough of the ocean and decided to go through the Keys by ICW which we had not done before. The books say that a 5 foot draft boat can make it through the skinny waters of the ICW. Well, we had our doubts many times as we just knew we would be aground with 0 depths too many times. But, we had made the commitment to go the entire trip ICW so we decided to continue our journey even though we were not sure we would make it. But, we did! We don’t know how except that God was guiding us all the way. We arrived at Marathon Shores at sunset and decided to anchor there for the night and finish our trip to Boot Key Harbor the following morning. We anchored at 4:30 and had another peaceful night on the water.
Wednesday, we pulled anchor at 8:15 and headed under the Seven Mile bridge and over to Boot Key Harbor. We stopped at a fuel dock just before the Harbor called Ponchos and refueled and got our forward water tank filled. Then, we called Boot Key Marina and they told us to go to T9 mooring ball for the night. Nelson later rode the dinghy over to the Marina to check us in. Later, Nelson and I went for a ride through the mooring field and did not see any boats there that we had met in years past. We then rode over to some docks where our friends, Jeff & Ann were living on their boat, Sea Quest. Jeff was there and we enjoyed getting to talk with him again. He was leaving on his boat in two weeks for Texas. Hope you have a great trip, Jeff!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
We thought we would have Thanksgiving dinner with other people in boats there at the Marina, but we heard on the Cruisers Net the following morning that we visiting sail boaters were not invited. That was ok! We had a great meal by ourselves and then went to the beach for the afternoon.
Friday, November 25, 2011 is a special day for Nelson and me. Our first son, Will, was born on that day. Happy Birthday, Will! We love you!
We also departed Marathon and headed west and back under the Seven Mile Bridge. We are now anchored at Little Shark River for the night. We arrived here this afternoon around 2:30. We were not sure this was going to be a good day on the water as the winds were forecast to blow all day at least 20 knots. Well, they did and sometimes 28-30. It was a choppy ride most of the way here but we are thankful to be here and all in one piece. The crab pots were everywhere so we had to continuously watch for them the whole trip and deal with the high winds. We are here for the night and are thankful to have made it here in record time.

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