Friday, November 4, 2011

Oct 24-25, 2011

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2011, we pulled the anchor and headed out of Spooners Creek going south again down the ICW. We were headed to Wilmington but knew we could not get there today, so decided to stop early at Mile Hammock Bay, the military training area which is a wonderful place to anchor after leaving Swansboro area. There were helicopters flying over the anchorage until late afternoon so it was very noisy when we arrived. There were also some marines on the shoreline doing some other training but we could not decide just what they were doing but it did not look dangerous to us. One cannot leave his boat when anchoring there because it is military owned. There were many other boats to join us there by late afternoon.
We enjoyed turkey and gravy over rice for dinner along with green beans. Watched Grey & Private Practice and went to bed after the news.
Friday, Oct 25, we pulled anchor around 7:30 and headed over to Wrightsville Beach to SeaPath Marina as we were leaving the boat to stay the weekend with our other son, Justin and his family for the weekend. We arrived there around 2:30 in the afternoon and were pleasantly helped by the dock masters, Chris and Adam. They were very helpful in helping us with fueling and getting our boat secure before leaving it there over the weekend.
Justin, Lindsey, and Mya met us at the boat around 5:00 and we stopped long enough for some takeout dinner and headed to their house. We loved getting to see them and spending several nights with them. I had gotten a cold and was beginning to cough much so planned to see a doctor while there. On Saturday, we went to a soccer game in Leland to see Mya’s babysitter’s two children play. They were so excited to see us there. Mya was also excited to see them and them her also. We are so glad they found Olga and her family for Mya as they are a very sweet and loving family and we could tell they loved Mya as much as we do. Olga has three children, ages, 5, 9 & ll. Sorry we did not get to meet her husband. It started raining so we did not stay long. We stopped for breakfast and went shopping for new rugs for our boat. We went by to see if they fit and they were the perfect fit and color. Sunday, Lindsey and I took Mya to the doctor to check to see if she had an ear infection as she also had a cold. She only had the cold and was given some meds to clear it up.On Monday, I went to an Urgent Care and also saw a doctor as my cold was turning into asthma. I am now taking prednisone and hopefully will be well soon. Sunday afternoon, Will, Stacey, and Jackson came to Wilmington. We enjoyed eating burgers at PT’s and later went to the boat and took family pictures. They turned out great! I had copies made so I could have them on my trip. I will try to get them on the blog one day. Nelson and I had the pleasure of keeping Mya on Monday while Lindsey was at school. We also got to spend extra time with Justin after he came home from work. Monday night was Halloween and we loved being there to see Mya dressed as a cute little cupcake! We gave out candy to the other kids while Justin & Lindsey took Mya around their neighborhood to some of their friends. Jackson was in Wilmington dressed as a skeleton! He was really neat! We drove back to the boat late Monday night so we would be ready to pull out from the Marina Tuesday morning. We loved getting to see our family one more time before leaving any further south!

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