Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov 2- Nov 4, 2011

When we returned to the boat Sunday afternoon to take the pictures, another boat across the dock from us was from Kansas City, MO and Lindsey was asking if we had met the people on the boat from her home town. We had not seen they until we started to leave that day and they came down the dock returning to their boast after a road trip to Charleston and we met them briefly. They were also leaving Tuesday morning and were interested in leaving with us going south also. So, we talked to them Tuesday morning and we decided to travel together. We have a 35 ft. Catalina and they have a 36 ft. Benateau called SuzyQ. Their names are Robert and Susan Cole. We appreciate them wanting to hang along with us older folks as they are much younger than us. They also have their dog, Abby who travels with them. They live on their boat and have been traveling since May of this year. We have really enjoyed their company and their cute Boykin spaniel, Abby.
Tuesday, we traveled the ICW as the ocean was 4-5 ft waves.
We did not leave Wilmington until lunch time so we only got just past Southport, NC and anchored in Dutchman’s Creek for the night. Robert & Susan joined us on our boat for afternoon snacks and drinks where we got to know more about each other. What a nice and fun evening with getting to know them and of course, Abby. They too are planning to go to the Bahamas this trip. But, they are leaving before Christmas so maybe we will see them again after the holidays as they plan to stay there until April.
Wednesday, we departed our anchorage at 8:15 and continued our journey south followed by our friends Robert, Susan, and Abby on sailboat, SuzyQ. We had a great day on the ICW again with the sun shining and the temperature in the high 70s. We decided to travel through the good day while we had it and anchored in the Waccamaw River after Myrtle Beach, SC in a small Creek to the left of the ICW which looked like dinosaur land. There was one other boat there when we arrived. Reminded me of dinosaur land. Lots of Cyprus trees and water.
We went over to SuzyQ and had drinks and snacks with them until 9:00. Next morning, we pulled anchor and headed down the ICW south with cooler weather and more wind. ICW is not wide so we do very little sailing while traveling ICW. But, the sun did come out and the weather was good for another day to travel long distance. We motored all day and anchored in Awendaw Creek around 5:00 for the night. This is a wonderful Creek to anchor as the water id plenty deep and there is lots of room for many boats. There were probably at least ten boats anchored there last night. We saw dolphins playing in the waters there also.
We had anchored there on our trip home in June and liked it then.
Friday, Nov. 4 we pulled into Isle of Palm Marina near Charleston, SC. We had rain last night and the weather has gotten cold. Back to coats and more clothing this weekend. We were glad to get to the Marina and get hooked up to electricity so we could use our heat for the weekend as we will probably stay here for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be rainy tomorrow and also very windy. We may take a water taxi into Charleston while we are here. It is nice to be here and getting my blog started again for this trip. Sorry I talk so much but hope you will enjoy keeping up with our travels on our boat south. Take care and let us hear from you. Nelson & Ondra

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Jackie Ward said...

So glad you have started your blog up again. Don't apologize for too many words - we love every one of them. Travel safely.