Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 22,2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008
We pulled the anchor land headed south looking for the first Marina we could find. Yes, we needed fuel. Yes, it is still freezing cold and we are all bundled up to stay warm. I wonder when we are going to feel warm weather. I thought we would feel be feeling it by now. We are thankful for the beautiful blue skies, no rain! We had country ham rolls and coffee while traveling this morning. We finally stopped at St. Simons Island at the fuel docks for both boats to refuel the fuel and water tanks. Also at the docks we saw friends whom we had docked with in Savannah (Lyn & Ken). They had spent the night at here. It was a nice place to stop but too early to stay so we traveled on for another hour or two. Our anchor for the night was just beyond the bridge near Jekyll Island. We secured the boat and got the dinghy ready for travel and headed to a dock which we could leave the dinghy and sightsee around the Island. Yes, we walked and walked and walked. I thought we would never get into the shopping area. Well, there isn’t much shopping here. There are mostly golf courses and houses. It is a very clean, neat place to visit. We finally came to a Hotel and decided to go in for a drink. After finding the bar, we were glad to sit and rest. We met a nice couple there who were from St. Marys and we told them we were going there for Thanksgiving. She is a dentist there and his sales insurance. We talked to them for an hour and then as it was getting dark, we mentioned to needed to get back to the boat and it was going to be a long walk. The hotel had vans to take people places around the Island and they carried us back to the dock where our dinghy was tied up. Thank goodness! It would have been a long walk and especially in the dark. Yes, another good restful night!

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