Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, Nov.10,2008

Hello Everyone,
We departed Cricket Cove Marina at Little River, SC this morning after having a wonderful visit with Justin and Lindsey. We left the docks about 6:45 a.m. (ugh), I don't like getting up early but we had to get an early start to get through the rock piles of Myrtle Beach while the tide was high. We had a nice trip down the ICW seeing much of the Commercial side of Myrtle Beach including many beautiful housing developments. We are still traveling alone but not really because there are still lots of boat traveling our same direction. We traveled across the Waccamaw River and saw lots of Palmetto trees covered in Spanish moss. We decided to anchor early today in an area off the river called Butler Island. There is nothing here but two other boats and lots of water and trees. The air has gotten cooler since the sun disappeared. We had a good dinner and are getting ready to watch Dancing with the Stars. We are sleeping later tomorrow and going about five miles further into Georgetown. We plan to stay there for the night. Hope to do some sightseeing tomorrow afternoon. This is our first trip there. Thanks for all you comments. We love hearing from you too!
Nelson & Ondra


Randi Jo :) said...

how cool is it that you can watch dancing with the stars from where you are!? :) still boggles my mind

love ya!

Sam said...

Hello Gainey's

Enjoying your blog. Looks like you're going to have many eventful days. I'll try to keep up with your location on google earth.

Stay safe