Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, Nov.11,2008

Happy Veterans Day Everyone,

We had a leisure morning today. Nelson let me sleep until 7:00. After a delicious breakfast of country ham, grits, egg, and bagels and english muffin, we pulled the anchor and headed down the river, south, toward Georgetown. Nelson let me do most of the trip while he gave directions.
I thought I was doing a good job. With the GPS, it is really like reading a map and staying on the road. It was a little cool but the sun was shining bright. We only had to wear light jackets and of course, long pants. We are looking forward to warmer weather.
We arrived at Harborwalk Marina around 10:45. A short trip for us! After getting the boat safely tied to the docks, we showered and took off to the town area and enjoyed walking along the walks and finding Thomas Cafe to eat a wonderful shrimp dinner. I went into a knitting shop and bought some yarn and needles and am going to try my hand at knitting something which might be my Christmas presents. Georgetown is a neat little harbor town. We enjoyed walking by to the boat using the boardwalk by the water. Nelson changed the engine fuel filter after we returned from town. We plan to leave here in the morning and go half of our trip to Charleston. We will be anchoring out tomorrow night which we neither mind.
Take care and will continue to keep you informed.
Ondra and Nelson


Scott said...

Took me awhile to get to blogging. Batten down the hatches it's suppose to rain tomorrow here. Temperature in the 70's Friday. Sounds like you're having a good time! And seeing a lot of interesting sights. Keep up the good words!

Joe said...

What a neat blog site. Makes it easy for you and all your friends to share in your adventures. Sounds like the weather has made it a bit of a slog, but blue skies can't be far away. Plus you'll soon be in balmy regions while we cope with the cold. Bon Voyage!