Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello Everyone,
We pulled anchor this morning and motored to St. Marys. It only took us 2 hours and we were there. It is a unique and friendly little town. There are sailboats and trawlers here everywhere. We set our anchors and got our dinghy ready to head over to the docks to check what is available for us to do. We rode in an available van to the Wal-mart to stock up on grocery and other supplies we needed. Boy, did we have a lot of bags to haul back to the boat and find places to store. But, we did it and everything is put away! Later around five, we headed downtown to the restaurants where all our boaters friends were to get acquainted. We met some very nice people who are going to Florida or the Islands. The couple who are heading this Thanksgiving event up have done a wonderful job. They have a van here and Lynn, the man carries people back and forth to various stores and laundries all day everyday. Nothing is close and we would have to get cabs if he wasn't here to oblige us. There was an older man in a golf cart at the street when we unpacked our groceries and he took us and the bags down the docks as far as he could get which saved us having to make so many trips with all the bags. He would not let us pay him anything for helping us. People here are so friendly and helpful to all us boaters. I guess they know we will spend our money while here. And we do!

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