Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday morning, Oct.25, Will & family took us to their house to spend the night. We enjoyed our stay with them. They returned us back to NEW BERN on Sun. afternoon, where we picked up Dennis & Denise from Polaris and went for a seafood dinner before returning to the boat. Monday-Thursday, we were involved in a GAM. There, we met 100 other boats who were heading south for the winter. Some sailboats, and some motor boats. We learned some interesting things and had a great time talking to others who had been south before. Yes, we received lots of advice.
Wednesday afternoon, Will picked me back up from the boat and I went back to Atlantic beach for two nights. I went with Stacey to carry Jackson to school sand then we went back and had lunch with him. He is in a nice school and I enjoyed getting to meet his teachers and see his classroom. He appears to love going to Kindergarten. We picked him up later that afternoon and he and I enjoyed spending time together. We all four went to the Aquarium for a special Halloween trick or treat celebration. They had a small carnival and all the kids were dressed in their Halloween costumes. Friday morning after taking Jackson back to school, we headed back to New Bern where Nelson was waiting for me to help him get the boat underway for our trip to Florida. Nelson had worked hard all day Thursday, changing the oil and tending to various jobs on the boat. I think he was glad to see me return.
What a time we had pulling the anchor. It had been wrapped with chains of cinderblocks and metal and we could not do anything but stare in disbelief. After having already gotten the dinghy ready for travel, we had to put it down and start all over again. Nelson tried cutting the chains with a hacksaw and metal cutters with no success. He finally took the dinghy around over the anchor and laid over the front and unwound the chain enough for them to drop back into the water. After getting the anchor up, we then raised the dinghy again and got underway by 11:00. Oh, by the way, our other friends who were going with us to Florida, had
major engine problems and went back to Jordan Creek and we are traveling alone. They hope to continue their trip by January.
We traveled as far as Daniels Point in the Neuse River on Friday and anchored for the night. It was a nice place to spend the night. The river was very calm and we slept well.
Saturday, Nov.1 we motorsailed to Beaufort, NC and anchored in Taylors Creek with many other boaters who had stopped for the night. Will and Jackson came over to spend the night with us. Sunday morning, Nov.2 we went sailing in the ocean. We had a great sail and the weather was wonderful. Sammy, a friend of Will's came by our boat and gave us a thirty pound king mackerel. He and Will cut it into steaks and we grilled some for dinner. It was very good.
Will was great help for us as he ran errands and brought us groceries during our stay in Taylor's Creek. We hated to see Will and Jackson leave us that night after dinner.
Monday, November 3 we departed Beaufort and motorsailed down the ICW through the rain.
Nelson was glad that Will had given him a foul weather suit to keep him dry as well as warm.
We traveled as far as the Mile Hammock Bay where we pulled in for the night. There were so many boats who had gotten here before us that we did not find the best spot for anchoring, but we did get anchored and had a long rainy, windy night. Because the weather is still the same, we are staying here another night and hope we can leave tomorrow, Nov.5th. We have been busy all morning and afternoon checking our accounts on the computer, putting out another anchor and getting all the water out of the dinghy. Yes, we are still excited about our trip! Take care and we will continue when our journey starts again. Miss you all.

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