Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TUESDAY, November 25, 2008

Today is laundry day for Ondra. I have 3 bags of dirty clothes and have a 10:00 time to catch the van to go to the laundrymat. Nelson is taking me to the dock and then returning to the boat and get the oil changed while I am out of the way. I got back to the boat just as he was finishing up several projects. We took a break and had lunch. We took it easy for the next sevceral hours and then took showers and got ready to return to the resturant for another night of socializing with other boaters. We are getting to know new and more people every night as each day, more and more boats are coming into St. Marys. I have been disappointed that I have not found the station on TV that has Dancing With the Stars. I knew this was the last week and I did not get to see the final show. I lguess I will have to call someone today to find out the results or look it up on the computer. i muskt stop as the computer is dying again. Take care.
Ondra & Nelson

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