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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
It is still freezing cold and we have decided to stay another day in Savannah and tour the town today. We slept late, ate breakfast, showered and bundled for the cold weather. Before leaving the docks, we met the other couple who were staying at the dock with our two boats. They were from Canada and had been living on their boat for the past five years. They had docked the same morning earlier than us. They had been sailing in the ocean for the past 30 hours and were getting tossed about too much and also freezing too. After talking with them, we headed down the street to find a Trolley to take us around Savannah. We rode for 90 minutes and listen to a guy tell us about many of the places we saw as we rode. There sure are a lot of squares in the city. And, they all have a special name and/or statue for someone famous. We got off the Trolley on Market Place and went into a café to eat lunch. We all had something different but very good.
We went into several antique shops where Nelson bought an old oil can and I bought some cordial glasses. I think we spent $4.00 for 4 glasses and the can.
After, we walked back to the boat where Nelson went to work to flush the water line to our air-conditioner so we could have heat again. He was lucky and we did get our heat back. Yes, we did need it. Our heat cut off about 4:30 this morning and I knew it when I came out from under the covers. I baked a lemon pound cake and made a Mexican dip. We invited Chris and Marie over to eat with us and they wanted to play Farkel again, Nelson won both games. They left early as we were planning to leave in the morning. We will not visit Savannah again on our boat as they do not have good docks for boaters probably due to all the large ships constantly going in and out of the town. Boy, they are large cargo ships loaded with too many containers.

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